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Injection Molding

Production Injection Molding

Protojet has a full-service tooling department specializing in aluminum tooling. Our molding division will run small orders or low volume production using our industry-leading injection molding machines which consist of Cincinnati Milacron 85 ton, VanDorn 300 ton or VanDorn 650 ton. Our Port Huron production facility can handle 33-300 ton presses.

You can expect the utmost of consistency in quality when it comes to our production molds. Our injection molding process has the largest variety of surface textures and colors available. We have the ability to customize your service, creating a unique and personalized customer experience for all of our clients.

Injection Molding

Prototype Injection Molding

Our Fraser plant runs 85-650 ton presses. Our services allow you to go from prototypes to fully functional products quickly. Not only are we known for quality work, but our fast turnaround times are critical to our manufacturing partners. We make parts efficiently and exactly to your specifications.

Injection molding allows us to produce intricate parts for your prototyping needs. The ability to completely customize products allows us to offer a wide variety of solutions to our clients. If you’re looking for a partner for your high-production runs, look no further. From design to prototyping, we work closely with all of our customers to ensure complete satisfaction.

Molded Parts


Tool tryouts are available upon request. Our tool tryout services consist of a systemic process that fully analyzes simulation results. These results are gathered during the engineering phase and can significantly improve the efficiency of tryout. Tool tryouts allow our clients to effectively deal with complex part geometry and various high-quality demands.

We have the ability to tryout various tools and materials including high-strength steel materials. During the tryout process, forming tools undergo fine-tuning. This allows for various unnecessary modifications to be avoided, resulting in major cost and time savings. We keep corrections to a minimum to also ensure minimal delays to your production.

Injection Molding Close Up

Service Runs

We have the ability to run parts from an existing production tool. These tools have usually run their course in production and are now used solely for service repairs only. This convenient service allows us to constantly work on your tools to ensure you’re never left without properly working products.

It’s important to us that your manufacturing never experiences delays due to broken or impaired tools. Our service runs enable us to constantly create backups for your critical parts and products. We want to be a partner that you can constantly rely on. Allow us to service your tools throughout their lifespan.

Various Molded Parts

Equipment List

Injection Mold Machines – Prototype Shop Fraser, MI

Equipment Name Quantity Specifications
Cincinnati Milacron 85 ton injection mold press 1 Distance between tie bars:
Horizontal 16 in.
Vertical 14 in.
Platen Size:
Horizontal 24 in.
Vertical 22.75 in.
Tie bar diameter 3 in.
Minimum Shut Height 5 in.
Maximum Daylight 21 in.
Maximum Shot Size 6.4 oz.
Van Dorn 300 ton injection mold press 1 Distance between tie bars:
Horizontal 25 in.
Vertical 25 in.
Platen Size:
Horizontal 37 in.
Vertical 37 in.
Tie bar diameter 4.25 in.
Minimum Shut Height 8 in.
Maximum Daylight 49 in.
Maximum Shot Size 30 oz.
Van Dorn 400 ton injection mold press 1 Distance between tie bars:
Horizontal 28 in.
Vertical 28 in.
Platen Size:
Horizontal 42 in.
Vertical 42 in.
Tie bar diameter 4.25 in.
Minimum Shut Height 8 in.
Maximum Daylight 42 in.
Maximum Shot Size 40 oz.
Van Dorn 650 ton injection mold press 1 Distance between tie bars:
Horizontal 36 in.
Vertical 36 in.
Platen Size:
Horizontal 53 in.
Vertical 53 in.
Tie bar diameter 6 in.
Minimum Shut Height 12 in.
Maximum Daylight 69.5 in.
Maximum Shot Size 60 oz.

Injection Mold Machines – Production Facility, Port Huron, MI

Equipment Name Quantity Specifications
33 Ton Cincinnati Milacron 1 1.29 oz. Barrel size
Maximum Tie bar spacing = 10.24 x 10.24
Platen size = 15.55 x 15.55
Maximum daylight = 21.65
Min/Max Mold Height = 4.72/11.81
85 Ton Van Dorn w/core pull option 1 3 oz. Barrel size
Maximum Tie bar spacing = 16 x 13.6
Platen size = 22.8 x 20.4
Maximum daylight = 28
Min/Max Mold Height = 4/16
Core pull option
35T to 85T capabilities

160 Ton Sumitomo w/core pull option 1 10.5 oz. Barrel size
Core Pull
85-160 Ton Capacity
Tiebars 22.05” x 20.08”
Platen 31.5” x 29.53”
Min/Max Mold Height 7.87”/19.69”
230 Ton Van Dorn w/core pull option 1 20 oz. Barrel size
Maximum tie bar spacing = 22 x 22
Platen size = 32.25 x 32.25
Maximum daylight = 42
Min/Max Mold Height = 7/22
Core pull option
100T to 230T capabilities

Quality Tooling and Molding Services

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