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Rapid Manufacturing Industrial Prototypes

Full service Production/Prototype manufacturing services


At Protojet, we’re proud of the capabilities we have to offer our loyal clients. From CNC machining, to injection molding and toolmaking—we’re a leader in the aluminum prototyping industry. Our shops aren’t only the highest performing, but we’re also extremely efficient. Our main goal revolves around the quality of our services and products. When you’re working with us, you know you’re getting nothing but the best. We’re committed to delivering a variety of molding and machining services and value-added processes to meet all of your needs, from single components to full custom turnkey manufacturing.

CNC Machining

We have a full-service tooling department that specializes in prototype creation and various plastic injection molding options from overmolding to insert molding.

Our industry-leading molding services are here to help your manufacturing needs. From injection molding to blow molding or reaction injection molding, we do it all.

Our machining division offers metal, plastic or ren cut models and tools. We can assist you with a variety of solutions and have the ability to expedite your tools to completion.

We make critical check fixtures for production or prototype parts. These check fixtures are extremely efficient and have the ability to be used several times each.

We’ve got you covered with light, non-intricate assembly of various components. Find out more about our quality metal stamping or molded plastic assembly services.


We provide services for a number of different industries. No matter what industry you serve, you need a machine shop that you can rely on. Don’t lose money by choosing the wrong service provider. We help a number of clients in all different professions expand and improve their industries by making their products work exactly as expected. At Protojet, we deliver high-quality work, the right machines to get the job done in the time intended and the capable industry professionals with years of experience.

Injection Molding Close Up


We’re dedicated to top quality services. Our facility is properly maintained to ensure ideal manufacturing standards are in place. We guarantee nothing but the most accurate results and the best possible products.

Production Shop Floor

Quality Tooling and Molding Services

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